Richard G. Schneider, MBA, is the owner of Crane Home Care. Began is February 2012, Crane Home Care now employs approximately 40 caretakers. Every potential client receives a personal assessment by Schneider.

Schneider completed his Master thesis on baby boomers and he says, “January 1, 2011 is when the first baby boomers turned 65, so there is this huge demographic that is going to start turning 65. Back when my parents turned 65: medicine wasn’t the same, people died earlier, they didn’t live as healthy and smoking was very popular. Now people are much more educated and medicine has advanced beyond comprehension. People are staying alive much longer; that group of people needs to be served in a particular way.”

Schneider, a paramedic in the 1980s, was determined to develop a way to help seniors who needed care that was outside of the scope of medicine. He recalls too many 911 emergency calls when a senior citizen wanted someone to keep them company, help in paying bills and in contacting family members. He identified a need to assist when people are healthy enough to live on their own but need support.

The private service is affiliated with networks of caregivers in Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties. Schneider says, “Since my business is a private entity as opposed to a franchise it is not limited to any geographic footprint.” The Network for Aging, New York State Home Care Association and other organizations in the region with the common goal of serving seniors in medical or non-medical capacities share information and resources.

Crane Home Care is a non-medical agency. The types of services caretakers provide include: housekeeping, meal planning, managing mail, medication reminders, running errands and companionship. Schneider says, “We are in the process of becoming a licensed medical agency. This will mean expansion such as hiring nursing and health care staff to further meet the needs of the aging community.”

In-home care is an alternative option to nursing homes. Crane Home Care personalizes a care program for the individual based on providing consistent quality care and meeting the family’s needs. Options vary from caretakers present in the home for a few hours a day to around the clock service.

Schneider says, “Family members can be in continuous contact with the care taker for reassurance that their loved one is comfortable and safe. Having a person in the home in case of an emergency can save precious time in getting seniors the help they need as soon as possible. The steady presence of a familiar care taker provides routine and stability in the home.”

Schneider earned his degree at Medaille College. He is an Associate Professor at Erie Community College where he teaches paramedic training and education. Together with his wife Beth, Schneider’s goal is allowing senior citizens to remain in their homes as they age and to reduce the burden to families.

Crane Home Care can be an on-going service, a temporary arrangement or a transition stage of care. They will help veterans with paperwork they may need for applications for assistance and also help families to find a suitable medical care agency if necessary.

Connect with Schneider and Crane Home Care at 716-648-2273 or contact us here.

Article posted in The Sun by Andrea Gilson 9/11/14