Compassionate Diabetes In-Home Care in New York.

We provide specialized in-home care and support for patients with diabetes in New York.

Specialized In-Home Care for Diabetes Patients in New York

Diabetes is a serious condition that requires constant management. From establishing a healthy lifestyle to managing insulin levels, living with this debilitating disease is difficult. Improper care can lead to complications like blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, nerve damage, foot ulcers, depression, and amputation. The good news is that with proper management, diabetes patients can live long and fulfilling lives.

If your loved one needs help with diabetes care, Crane Home Care is here for you. Our in-home diabetes care service gives you peace of mind while ensuring your loved one gets the encouragement, daily care, and support they need.

Our health aides are well-trained and know that diabetes patients need to keep circulation up and constant monitoring for hypoglycemia. Regardless of the level of service needed, we are always available 24/7 to help.

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 Why Home-Care for Diabetes Patients is Important

Diabetes patients with frequent hospital admissions, multiple medications, or diabetes wounds or ulcers can benefit from our in-home care in several ways:

Medication Management

Our caregivers for diabetic patients will ensure your loved ones take the prescribed medication and insulin at the appropriate time. Our home care team can also detect symptoms of high or low blood sugar levels and administer medications in emergencies.

Monitoring Blood Glucose

This is one of the most crucial aspects of diabetes home care management. Unfortunately, side effects of this condition, such as a decrease in vision and dexterity, make it difficult for patients to check their blood sugar levels. Our caregivers review blood glucose logs to help with proper medication adjustments.

Help with Eyesight and Mobility Difficulties

Most people who have lived with diabetes have problems with eyesight. What’s more, the progressive damage to nerve endings in the feet leaves many with mobility issues. This impedes daily activities and increases the risk of falling. Our health aides can get your loved ones where they need to go and help with daily tasks. This includes basic activities like reading mail or food preparation.

Better Quality of Life

Happiness, comfort, and participation in life – these are some of the things that make life fulfilling. With our in-home diabetes care, your loved one gets to have company at home, cook, garden, go shopping, meet friends, take a walk in the park, and so much more.

Personalized In-Home Care in New York for Diabetes Patients

At Crane Home Care, we understand the importance of daily diabetes management. We have a successful history when it comes to providing diabetes home care services in New York. We are well-trained, licensed, and committed to helping our clients live fulfilling and healthy life. Contact us today to discuss your case and get specialized care for your loved one.

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Free Personalized Care Needs Evaluation

We aim to make finding the right care provider and the right kind of care for yourself or your loved one as easy as possible. That’s why we provide a complimentary and personalized care needs evaluation.

Here, we take the time to listen to your needs (be that physical, emotional, and cognitive), answer your questions, and provide information about the services we offer. Together, we will consider the specific health care goals for you or your loved one and work to create a personalized plan of care.

At Crane Home Care, our mission is to provide the highest standard of in-home care possible. To achieve this, we ensure that our work is wholly centered around our clients and their specific needs. That is why we carry out comprehensive and detailed care needs evaluation with our prospective clients.


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