One of the most common causes of falls among seniors is poor vision.  As we age, our vision normally fails and we become more susceptible to diseases of the eye.  Several diseases affecting seniors are glaucoma which is damage to the optic nerve, macular degeneration or damage to the light sensitive retina in the back of the eye and cataracts which is a cloudy area in the part of the eye that is normally clear.  Please note that although these diseases primarily affect seniors, in rare cases those of all ages may be affected.  Other eye diseases include conjunctivitis which is inflammation or infection which creates a thin white layer on the eye surface, astigmatism or blurred vision due to irregular corneal shape and near or far sightedness which is the ability to see only close up or far away.  For more information, visit Please note that vision loss can be gradual and thus not readily noticeable.   If you or your loved one is experiencing any kind of vision loss, it is imperative that you make an appointment with your eye care professional as soon as possible. 

There are several steps to take to protect your vision.  First, have regular eye exams.  Your eye care professional can check your eyes to screen for any vision and other problems affecting the eyes. Your primary doctor often will do a vision test during a routine health exam.  Also, eat a balanced diet.  It is important that you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables that provide nutrients beneficial to the eyes.  Get plenty of exercise to protect your cardiovascular system and regulate blood flow to your brain and eyes.  When using the computer, reading, or doing other work that causes you to stare, make sure you blink often and look away from the object you are concentrating on.  Take frequent breaks and walk away from your project to rest your eyes.  Talk to your eye car professional about getting sun glasses that provide the proper protection for your eyes.  You can find this and other information about protecting your eyes at

Please note that if you or your loved experiences any sudden severe symptoms such as confusion, loss of vision in one or both eyes or severe pain in or around the eyes, emergency medical help should be sought immediately.  This could be the sign of a stroke, retina tear or other life threatening event. 


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