Winter is finally over! Instead of snow (granted, we did not get much this year), winter winds and cold, we are now enjoying sunshine, spring breezes and budding trees. Squirrels and bunnies are scampering across the lawns and the migrating birds have returned. Children and college kids are enjoying Spring Break and men are starting to talk about going fishing. Most of us have enjoyed the celebration of Passover and Easter. The world has reawakened after its winter sleep and you can feel it in the air. Oh, the joys of Spring. ‘Tis the season when a young man’s heart turns to love and we seniors hope we can still walk around the block after spending a sedentary winter indoors.Spring is also the season when we get our lawn mowers in shape for the first lawn cutting, decide if we need to roll the lawn, clean our yards from the accumulation of broken twigs, limbs, leaves and trash, prepare the soil and plant our gardens, remove the snow tires, and get our antique cars out of storage. That is all man’s work. As for the women, we turn to spring house cleaning. Closets are rearranged to bring out the summer clothes and pack away the winter coats and clothes, windows are washed, carpets are scrubbed, furniture is polished and walls are washed. It is also time for us women to remind the men which rooms need to be painted and what other fix-it chores need to be done. On the plus side, we can start to bring out our lawn furniture and entertain outdoors. Also, don’t forget to get the barbecue ready and prepare for that first grilled chicken and potato salad. Also, if you have a pool, make sure all equipment is in working order and have it cleaned in preparation for the first use.
Now that our winter hibernation is over, there are other things to do. Perhaps it is time to schedule your annual physical, dentist and eye doctor appointments. At least check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to mow the lawn and do whatever heavy lifting is required for the spring clean-up. While you are doing this, make appointments for the children and seniors in your family. A real time-saver would be if you could make all these appointments coincide.
Start doing mild exercising. A good start would be an early morning family walk around the block, then gradually increase the length of the walks. Enjoy watching the sun rise and nature wake up. Preparing your body will make all those spring chores much easier to endure. Also, wear gloves when doing these chores. It is amazing how many hand injuries occur when working indoors or outdoors. If using a ladder, make sure it is properly secured and don’t overreach while on it. Also, make sure someone is around in case the ladder should slip and you fall.
Now is a good time to think about in-home care for those in your family who should really not be left home alone. We can provide an Electronic Caregiver for the home or provide caregivers to stay with your family member. If someone is recovering from an accident or illness, we can provide nursing services or a physical or occupational therapist. If someone is recovering from a stroke or other traumatic event, we can provide a speech therapist or other professional. Just call us at (716) 648-2273.
Most of all, enjoy spring. Take some time to relax and enjoy family, friends and neighbors. And remember, we at Home Assist Senior Care are here to help. However, we don’t climb ladders or paint walls.
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