If you or a loved one is battling cancer, it can be a challenging time. During treatment, cancer patients may be required to take a variety of different medications. Home care workers can assist with this process, helping to ensure that patients take their medications on time. There are many benefits of cancer patient care at home

While undergoing treatment, patients may want to remain in their own homes, where their family members and friends can provide companionship. A home caregiver or caregiver who can cover hours or perform certain tasks when family or friends cannot ensure that medications are taken on time, that the home is clean, and that the patient is emotionally supported. Additionally, cancer patients may benefit from the fact that they can avoid the expense of staying in a hospital. A home caregiver is a great way to relieve the stress of family members who are helping to take care of the sick loved one.

Treatment can be managed at home

With today’s advances in oncology technology, cancer patient care can be managed at home. Earlier on, most cancer patients were treated in the hospital setting, but more recently, the transition has been made possible by home infusion therapy. Home infusion therapy is not limited to any particular type of cancer but the treatments are designed to work with often the often complex needs of patients based on their medical history. Better cancer treatment beyond just simple support and making sure medicine is taken is now possible while being cared for at home.

The True Benefits of Cancer Care at Home

Until cancer has been diagnosed in you or a family member no one can fully appreciate how devastating it is. The entire family is impacted by cancer and cancer care at home, while no cure for the disease, does provide some considerable comfort to both patient and family. Receiving professional cancer care at home improves quality of life above all else. The compassionate care and support that comes from professional home care goes far beyond just taking medication or receiving treatment. In the right hands the wellbeing of patient Is significantly improved and this in turn leads to better recovery rates or at the very least a slowing down of the spread of the disease.

Home Care Costs are Lower

Costs always need to be considered when providing cancer care. Research shows that costs for cancer patient care at home are much lower than for hospitalizations. A prospective study by Mooney and colleagues evaluated the costs and unplanned hospitalizations of cancer patients discharged from a cancer center within 30 days of hospital discharge. The study included patients with cancer who required continued acute-level medical care after discharge and who had ongoing, unstable symptoms. The costs of cancer patient care at home ranged from $4,500 to $13,000 per patient per year.

In a recent study, researchers found that the cost of cancer patient care at home was approximately half that of nursing home care. However, the study also found substantial variation in costs. This was not related to the type of cancer or how long the patient had been diagnosed, but rather to the functional status of the patient and the living arrangements of the patient’s family. For patients with leukemia, the cost of cancer patient care at home is only around $2,500.