Why choose a Home Care Aid to assist with Physical Therapy?

Most doctors recommend physical activity or therapy as part of a rehabilitation or home care program for seniors. If you or your loved one has had an accident, stroke, or surgery physical therapy may become part of your daily home care routine after being discharged from the hospital. Home Care Aids are specifically trained to assist with the types of therapy or exercises that are most likely to be recommended by your doctor or physical therapist. Adhering to an at-home physical therapy plan is important for seniors as you may start to see a decline in muscle tone, range of motion, and balance with age. Our Home Care Aids provide you with the most reliable and professional care around and they have specialized exercise routines prepared, allowing you to start off slow and gradually build up strength and endurance.


Home Care Aids collaborate with your team of doctors and physical therapists to ensure the best possible care.

Not only do Home Care Aids assist with performing the recommended daily exercises, but they also play an important role in reporting important patient details to professional care providers such as doctors or physical therapists. An In-home Care Giver is often more aware of your or your loved one’s daily symptoms, medications, and adherence to daily physical therapy recommendations. Therefore, they are able to report on crucial details that may otherwise go unnoticed. Our In-Home Care Aids collaborate with your team of healthcare professionals to ensure that you receive the best care possible when you need it the most.


Home Care Aids help you to move around and get to your physical therapy appointments on time.

When receiving physical therapy, it is often the case that you or your loved one are unable to move around unassisted. More often than not, some degree of support is required in terms of movement or transportation to and from physical therapy or doctor’s appointments. At Crane Home Care, our compassionate caregivers are not only trained to assist with physical therapy but they also assist with transportation, transferring, ambulation, and other tasks required to rehabilitate a patient. Assistance with transportation allows friends and family members to carry out their own daily activities, and avoid taking time off work to make sure that their loved one gets to their medical appointments safely and on time.


Home Care Aids assist with physical therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Physical rehabilitation can be a long and daunting process. Attending regular sessions at a clinic or hospital can be difficult to manage as moving around may become increasingly difficult with age. Furthermore, performing physical therapy exercises is challenging for even the most motivated of patients, and performing them in front of a room of strangers can add to the discomfort of the experience. Enlisting the help of a trained Home Care Aid can assist you to recover more independently and in the comfort of your own home. A Home Care Aid can help you to carry out your doctor’s instructions with precision and adequate support. Physical therapy is designed to challenge patients to become stronger and to improve their flexibility and balance. It is easy to become demotivated when the exercises are difficult or if you find that you are not making progress fast enough. The support of a Home Care Aid can assist you in staying motivated and reaching your physical therapy goals.



Home Care Aids have an important role to play in assisting patients to adhere to and make a success of their at-home physical therapy program. They are trained to assist with most of the physical therapy exercises that your doctor or physical therapist is likely to recommend so that you can achieve your goals largely in the comfort of your own home. Our caregivers cooperate with your team of medical professionals to ensure that you receive the best possible care and they can also help you to get to and from your physical therapy or other medical appointments safely and on time. Our compassionate Home Care Aids also provide much-needed motivational and emotional support as physical therapy can be a challenging and fatiguing experience.